Multi Mount Flex Arm Small

Multi Mount Flexible Arm Accessory Bracket

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REF. 10AAH9901
Elgato Multi Mount Flex Arm Small Accessory
Multi Mount Flex Arm Small 26,95€

Multi Mount Flex Arm Small

Flex Arm S works with Elgato's Multi Mount to provide additional reach and three-dimensional adjustment for cameras, lights, and more.

  • Articulate your montage. From above, from the side or over the shoulder, the Flex Arm makes any framing possible.
  • Extra length. Two posts for a reduced space. Four for maximum reach. Add or remove sections if you want. Whichever you choose, ball joints give your rigs impressive freedom of movement in three dimensions.
  • Everything is connected. Overhead mounts, multiple mounting points, or applications with its own independent base. All Multi Mount components are compatible with each other, so you can customize your mount instantly.
  • Product color : Black
  • Kind : Articulated arm support
  • Material : Steel and rigid composite material
Weight and measurements
  • Medium post : 17 cm
  • Short pole : 8 cm
Other features
  • Mounting kit : Y
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