FA100 1 TB

PCIe Gen3 M.2

SSD Acer

FA100 1 TB 128,90€
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THE SPEED TO SUCCEED, WIN AT WORK OR PLAY Built from original high-quality 3D NAND wafers, Acer's FA100 M.2 SSD has become the winner in the marketplace. Making use of its sequential read-speed up to 3300 MB/s and sequential write-speeds up to 2700 MB/s, the FA100 M.2 SSD handles high workloads efficiently.

  • SAFEGUARDING YOUR DATA, 4K LDPC HIGH-ORDER ERROR CORRECTION FA100 M.2 SSD supports ECC error correction technology and S.M.A.R.T. function, based on 4K LDPC which enables stronger error correction capabilities and improved secure data storage. This effectively reduces data errors that may occur during SSD read and write, avoiding bad blocks for better performance and more reliability.
  • LESS LATENCY BY DESIGN, BETTER PERFORMANCE FA100 M.2 SSD supports HMB function which enables the underlying storage to make use of a portion of host memory effectively reducing SSD latency by simulating SLC cache. More optimizations improve read and write performance and the drive even supports TRIM instructions to significantly reduce write amplification and effectively extend SSD life. Each SSD comes bundled with Acronis True-Image backup software.
  • TRIED AND TESTED, TECHNICAL EXPERTISE FA100 M.2 SSD uses only high-quality original wafers. From design to material selection, from production to quality control, the unit undergoes multiple tests and rigorous evaluations to ensure higher readability and excellent performance overall.
  • ULTRA-LOW POWER CONSUMPTION, IDEAL CHOICE FOR LAPTOP AND DESKTOP STORAGE EXPANSION FA100 M.2 SSD adopts a single-sided board design, lightweight and thin for easy installation. It supports multiple technologies such as modern standby and ultra-low power consumption. The maximum power consumption of the 2 TB version is only 3.96 Watts. After installation, it can effectively control the power consumption of your system and extend its battery life.
  • SSD form factor : M.2
  • SSD capacity : 1000 GB
  • Interface : PCI Express
  • Memory type : 3D NAND
  • NVMe : Y
  • NVMe version : 1.4
  • Read speed : 3300 MB/s
  • Write speed : 2700 MB/s
  • S.M.A.R.T. support : Y
  • TRIM support : Y
  • ECC : Y
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) : 2000000 h
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