Castle 360EX

Refrigeration Deepcool

All-in-one liquid cooler DeepCool Castle 360EX
Castle 360EX 110,48€


CASTLE 360EX is equipped with DeepCool's exclusive anti-leakage technology. The technology helps the system achieve automated pressure balancing, which will significantly improve the operational safety of AIO liquid cooling systems. DeepCool's unique anti-leakage technology has set a new standard for liquid cooling systems.

  • STRONGER MOTOR. Powered by a three-phase x-life motor and pressure loading impeller, the CASTLE 360EX pump is more powerful but quieter.
  • MORE EFFICIENT FLUX. With more rounded corners implemented in its design, the improved double chamber has optimized the flow path and increased heat exchange efficiency. This also contributes to reduced operating noise and energy loss. With 25% more shaved fins on the back side of the copper base, the heat absorption area is significantly increased.
  • BEST FAN SET. Included are 3 specially tuned TF120 S fans (to match the radiator properties). The fans are also equipped with patented two-layer fan blades and flow-amplifying, noise-cancelling frames.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE LOGO. Logo is upside down? Simply twist the pump cover, adjust (4 directions available) and put it back on! Want to change the logo? An additional logo chip is included. Enjoy the luxury of buying or making your favorite logo!
  • RGB ADDRESSABLE. Equipped with a mirror finish, surround lighting and infinite visual effects, CASTLE 360 EX inherited its fabulous familiar appearance. Its ARGB lighting is adjustable via the 5V backplane's SYNC function or via an included controller.
  • Suitable location : Processor
  • Type : All-in-one liquid cooler
  • Maximum airflow : 64.4 cfm
  • Fan noise level (min) : 32.1 dB
  • Pump noise level : 17.8 dB
  • Fan bearing technology : Hydro bearing
  • Pump connector : 3-pin
  • Pump motor speed : 2550 RPM
  • Fan speed (min) : 500 RPM
  • Fan speed (max) : 1800 RPM
  • Product colour : Black
  • Radiator material : Aluminium
  • Number of fans : 3 fan(s)
  • Illumination LED : Y
  • Illumination colour : Blue, Green, Red
  • Fan connector : 4-pin
  • Fan power consumption : 1.8 W
  • Pump power consumption : 2.4 W
  • Pump voltage : 12 V
  • Pump current : 200 mA
  • Fan voltage : 12 V
  • Fan current : 0.15 A
Weight & dimensions
  • Tube length : 46.5 cm
  • Pump width : 8.6 cm
  • Pump depth : 7.5 cm
  • Pump height : 7.1 cm
  • Weight : 1.71 kg
  • Fan dimensions (W x D x H) : 120 x 120 x 25 mm
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