Alphacool 1014016 hardware cooling accessory Red

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REF. 1014016
Alphacool 1014016 hardware cooling accessory Red
Alphacool 1014016 hardware cooling accessory Red 11,00€

Eiswasser Crystal

With Alphacool Eiswasser, water cooling pioneer Alphacool is checking off every modder and enthusiast’s wish list: brilliant colours, cool effects in plexi coolers, tubing and reservoirs, as well as a long lifespan and material compatibility.

The Alphacool Eiswasser Crystal Series has been tested in every possible application both in Alphacool’s lab and by external testers and modders, and was proven to be high-quality and long-lasting. If you’re looking to add some illumination to your PC, the Alphacool Eiswasser Crystal UV is for you.

It has excellent UV-reactivity with UV-LEDs or cathodes. Alphacool Eiswasser gives your water cooling system an extra visual highlight with great cooling performance and a long lifespan.

  • Product type : Ready to use
  • Volume : 1 L
  • Product colour : Red
  • Quantity : 1
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