SBS E2500

2.1 Bluetooth®

Speaker Creative Labs

REF. 51MF0485AA001
Speaker system Bluetooth 2.1 Creative SBS E2500 of 30W
SBS E2500 43,49€

Creative SBS E2500

Meet the Creative SBS E2500, a high-performance 2.1 speaker system that produces bold and impressive audio through a wide variety of connectivity options.

Stream wirelessly via Bluetooth, listen to your favorite FM radio stations, or the audio of your choice playing directly through any USB device.

For wired connectivity, connect to the 3.5mm auxiliary input jack. In addition to all this, you can easily access the music playback settings and audio settings, directly on the speakers, or access the EQ presets with the infrared remote control.

Creative SBS E2500 is the perfect choice.

Speakers - 2.1 Bluetooth® - Creative Labs - SBS E2500
  • Bluetooth, Entrada auxiliar, Unidad flash USB
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