Gekkota Blue

Laser 8200dpi

Mouse Epic Gear

Gaming Mice  Epic Gear Gekkota Azul Laser  8200Dpi
Gekkota Blue 75,00€
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Mice - Laser 8200dpi - Epic Gear - Gekkota Blue

Ambidextrous Gaming Ergonomics

Co-developed by pro-gamers, GeKKota is an ambidextrous gaming mouse designed for agility and control. The symmetrical ergonomics was thoroughly studied and analyzed for rapid mouse movements often associated with the claw-grip and tip-grip gamers. The shorter and lighter agile chassis of GeKKota™ is the meanest fast kill weapon for both hands.

Mice - Laser 8200dpi - Epic Gear - Gekkota Blue

Programmable 8200dpi Gaming Laser Sensor

GeKKota™ is equipped with the EpicGear™-tuned 8200dpi laser sensor for extreme gaming sensitivity and stability. Fully programmable gaming performance features such as on-the-fly dpi adjustment, angle snapping, smoothing, lift-off-distance, gaming profiles, macro assignment and many more are accessible via dedicated GUI software.

Mice - Laser 8200dpi - Epic Gear - Gekkota Blue

11 fully programable buttons

Gekkota gaming mouse includes 11 fully programable buttons and 15 macro set. Customize up to 5 gaming profiles and assign a LED colour to each one for an easier selection during the game.

  • Adjustable lift-off-distance, angle-snapping and smoothing
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Laser gaming mouse 8200dpi. DPI configuration on the go
  • Fully programmable via GUI
  • 5 customizable gaming profiles with dedicated scroll wheel LED color
  • Laser
DPI Resolution
  • Up to 8200dpi
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Windows
  • Gold plated USB connector
Cable length
  • 1,8 m (x-braided cable)
  • 116,6 x 69,5 x 40 mm
  • 110 gr
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