AORUS AD27QD respawn

144Hz / 2 K / 1ms / IPS / FreeSync


AORUS AD27QD Gaming monitor Gigabyte respawn
AORUS AD27QD respawn 534,90€


AORUS AD27QD Gaming monitor boast the most advanced LED systems in the market today. Thanks to the RGB Fusion App, you’ll be able to create a gaming ambience exclusively to you with its intuitive UI and customizability. LED enthusiasts now have the chance to show off their creativity with the ability to customize multiple zones independently.

  • DESIGN CONCEPT . WINGS OF EXCELLENCE . The falcon utilizes its powerful wings to soar through the skies and lock down its prey. The AORUS Core takes inspiration from the falcon’s aerodynamic wings, incorporating a multi-layered design which features wing shaped contours and also resembles the falcon’s high velocity ascension and dive through the skies. With sleek and metallic armor, the AORUS Core symbolizes advancement in technology with its futuristic style.
  • AIM STABILIZER . GIVES YOU A STABLE AIM . AORUS Aim Stabilizer reduces motion blur and allows gamers to maintain extraordinary clarity in the game for a smoother experience. For example, in FPS games, firing a shot will produce a strong recoil which will shake the screen and make the picture blur. The Aim Stabilizer can counter the motion blur and enhance the gamer's visual clarity, letting them to trace the bullet trajectory and control the aim more easily.
  • DASHBOARD . INFO WON’T BE BLOCKED BY GAMES. The AORUS Dashboard shows you critical hardware information in real-time such as CPU voltages, clock speed, temperatures, usage, fans speed and other AORUS exclusive functions, such as GameAssist. No matter what kind of scenario, you will not be blocked by any game. You can even customize the information that you want to display. 
  • BLACK EQUALIZER . Black Equalizer can control the shadow of the display to enhance the contrast and increase the visibility of the dark scene without overexposed the bright area, so in the game, Black Equalizer will deepen the details of the dark part without affecting other display areas. Let us easily find enemies hiding in the dark.
  • GAMEASSIST . The GameAssist gives you the ability to create several custom crosshairs and assist you on the battlefield. Onscreen timer and counter can keep track of elapsed game time, and help to calculate the opponent's use of props or any count information. The display alignment function can gives users muti-alignment lines on the monitor; let each monitor lines up perfectly.
  • ANC. AORUS UNIQUE IC DESIGN. Smart close-talk voice capturing technology with dual mics perfectly cancels out the environmental noises/sounds with the least voice distortion, letting your teammate receive your voice clearly and brings you the best communication convenience and privacy anywhere.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN . EASY TO GET THE PERFECT VIEWING ANGLE . The AORUS AD27QD Gaming monitor’s features a exclusive stand that's ergonomically designed to offer an extensive range of height, tilt, pivot, stroke, and swivel adjustments.
  • Contrast : 1,000: 1 (estático / 12,000,000: 1 (dinámico)
  • Resolution (max.) : 2,560 x 1,440 píxeles
  • Aspect ratio : 16: 9
  • Screen size : 27"
  • Brightness (typ.) : 350 cd / m²
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