Special Edition Backpack Ozone GIANTS BPCK
Backpacks - High Quality / USB / 17" - Ozone - GIANTS BPCK

Ozone Giants BPCK

Giants Gaming celebrates 10 years of competition and after this lengthy period, the team and its members have no doubt what it is they like and need in terms of gaming accessories. From their experience and our technology the Pro BCPK is born, a backpack which is perfectly adapted to the needs of players and their fans.

The new backpack from Ozone’s Giants has all the compartments necessary for a giant - including USB connection so that you’re always connected!

Backpacks - High Quality / USB / 17" - Ozone - GIANTS BPCK


A giant looks after both his mind and body, which is why ergonomics and comfort are both present here too, thanks to high-quality cushioned straps and a foam cushioned back.

Backpacks - High Quality / USB / 17" - Ozone - GIANTS BPCK


The demands of the competition mean frequent travel to visit all types of championships and LANS, and now you can do it safe in the knowledge that your devices are protected, thanks to the cushioned interior of the Pro BCPK backpack and its various compartments.

This backpack features a compartment for laptops up to 17 inches, with extra protection provided by a rigid front shell which will protect your machine in the face of any kind of impact.

Backpacks - High Quality / USB / 17" - Ozone - GIANTS BPCK


Forget about searching for power outlets to charge your devices, thanks to its USB port you’ll always be online and with maximum battery power for any unexpected games. 

Backpacks - High Quality / USB / 17" - Ozone - GIANTS BPCK

Vodafone Gianst

Vodafone Giants is a professional esports team with headquarters in the city of Málaga. Since 2008 it has held a leading position in the Spanish and European market, competing in the highest levels of each league with audiences of thousands in League of Legends, Call of Duty, Pokemon, Rainbow 6, Fortnite, Clash Royale, HearthStone, CS GO, Sim Racing and Fifa.

  • Compartments: Ultra padded and spacious interior
  • Zipper: Ultra secure zippers
  • Straps: High quality padding
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Compartment for notebooks: Up to 17''
  • 550 x 360 x 230 mm
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