Survivor Backpack


Backpack Ozone

Backpacks - Ultra-paded - Ozone - Survivor Backpack
Survivor Backpack 35,90€
Backpacks - Ultra-paded - Ozone - Survivor Backpack

You´re never out of the fight.

No matter where you go, Ozone Survivor is designed to endure the harshest conditions. Whether you go to LANs, BYOC events or Tournaments, ozone Survivor will help you transport your gaming gear with the maximum safety and comfort .

Backpacks - Ultra-paded - Ozone - Survivor Backpack

Ballistic Nylon

Ozone Survivor's Backpack strong and durable ballistic Nylon material is made to endure the warzone and protect you and your gaming gear. This thick and tough nylon fabric was created for flak jackets worn by airmen during World War II. 

Backpacks - Ultra-paded - Ozone - Survivor Backpack


Survivor is designed with multiple compartments to carry all your gaming gear and to help you travel organized. Specific compartments to keep your Laptop, mouse, headsets and mousepad organized and secure.

Capable of safely transporting laptops of up to 15.6" thanks to its ultra-padded internal compartments.

Backpacks - Ultra-paded - Ozone - Survivor Backpack


Ozone Survivor is equipped with ultra padded shoulder straps and back panel that are ergonomically designed to adjust the weight of your complete gaming artillery. Ultimate comfort guaranteed at all times.

  • Compartments: Multiple for laptops & gaming gear
  • zipper: Lockable zipper pulls
  • Straps: Strong and Paded
  • Frame: Reinforced for durability
  • Audio Port: On External pocket
  • Strong and durable 1680D ballistic nylon
  • 48 x 38 x 19cm
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