EzRecorder 330

1080p / 60fps

Streaming Avermedia

REF. 61ER330000AB
Avermedia EzRecorder 330 Capture
EzRecorder 330 164,90€
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EzRecorder 330

Enjoy 4K Ultra HD gaming while perfectly recording every gameplay in 1080p Full HD with the Avermedia EzRecorder 330 capturer.

  • Streaming without a PC. The EzRecorder 330 brings simplicity to streams. It only has one button to stream, without complex software or hardware programming. Simply connect the console, plug in a webcam or DSL to your 330 grabber, and stream to YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch without a PC. Live Stremaer is no longer complex.
  • Flexible storage options. The EzRecorder 330 capturer allows recording to external hard drives, micro SD cards, and NAS. You can choose the storage you prefer according to your needs. EzRecorder 330 does not allow USB flash drives.
  • From classic to Next-Gen. The EzRecorder 330 has HDMI and A / V inputs, being useful for both old and new consoles like the PS5 or the Nintendo Famicom. You can even use it to convert VHS tapes to mp4 so you never lose them.
  • Don't lose any play. Whether it is for video games or sports, there are always epic play situations or match points that you want to see again. So you don't miss any of these moments, the EzRecorder 330 and its Higlight function allow you to preserve these moments.
  • Schedule your recording. Decide what time you want to record your TV show or sporting event even if you are not in front of the TV. The EzRecorder 330 provides a recording routine to eliminate repetitive setups. Adjust just once and enjoy all your favorite shows and delayed games.
  • High efficiency video coding. Compared to H.264 encoding, H.265 has up to 2x compression ratio, which means that the same file can contain twice as much data. In this way, the video quality will be substantially better without requiring more space.
Technical details
  • Internal : No
  • Video capture resolution : 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Host interface : HDMI
  • Captured From : Game Console, PC, VHS
  • Color : Black
  • SmartCard slot : No
  • Compatible Memories : microSD (TransFlash)
  • Video recording : Yes
  • Supported video format : 080i, 1080p, 2160p, 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p
File formats
  • Video compression formats : MPEG4
  • HDMI input : 1
  • Number of HDMI outputs : 1
  • Speaker, headphone, output jack : 1
  • Composite video input : 1
Weight and measurements
  • Height : 28mm
  • Width : 135mm
  • Depth : 71mm
  • Weight : 150g
Power control
  • Input voltage : 100 - 240 V
  • AC adapter output voltage : 12V
  • AC adapter output current : 1.5 A
Storage media
  • Memory card : Yes
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