Card games Asmode: BANG! PEGI 8
BANG! 15,77€


A dusty street. A bush rolls from side to side. Two men standing face to face. One of them is armed with a pistol. The other points his Winchester at him.

They all look anxiously at the gunman thinking that he is already dead, that he has nothing to do with the rifle... but what they don't know is that his gun is a Volcanic!

In the Wild West, the Outlaws hunt down the Sheriff, the Sheriff hunts down the Outlaws, and the Renegade hatches his plan in secret, ready to join either side. Before long, the bullets will start buzzing!

Who will be the Sheriffs, willing to give their lives for the Sheriff? Who will be the relentless Outlaws, who are trying to take him down?

The most famous card game of the Wild West returns, in an improved format, with new components, easier to learn and play than ever!

Enjoy the game that has been acclaimed by more than half a million gunslingers around the world!

  • Release date : 30/09/2021
  • Editorial : dV Giochi
  • Category : Juego de Cartas
  • Collection : Bang!
  • Idiom : Español
  • Recommended minimum age : 8
  • Number of players : 4-7
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