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Chair Drift

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Chair Drift DR50 Black BLue
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Gaming Chairs - Foam - Drift - DR50 Black / blue

The perfect excuse to play in comfort

Padded in all its contact areas, DR50 design has been developed to offer maximum comfort while ensuring a good posture, allowing you to comfortably take care of your back.

Gaming Chairs - Foam - Drift - DR50 Black / blue

Comfort and firmness

The DR50 has fixed and padded armrests that give firmness and rigidity to its structure and, in addition, offer you great ergonomics and a wide space between them to accommodate different postures.


An attractive design with carbon finish made in premium materials. DR75 chairs are built upon a sturdy structure covered with a densed FOAM padding and high quality cloth-leaather.

Gaming Chairs - Foam - Drift - DR50 Black / blue

Class 4 gas piston

Like all Drift chairs, DR75 is featured with a gaslift which provides great stability in all positions.

Wheels and star shaped base

A set of high quality nylon wheels atop a solid star-shaped base made in the same material, result in great stability and ultra-smooth gliding

Gaming Chairs - Foam - Drift - DR50 Black / blue

Adjustable to any needing

Allowing an inclination of up to 15º, DR50 tilting seat fits perfectly to the working, playing or resting position you may need in each moment

Gaming Chairs - Foam - Drift - DR50 Black / blue

Adjustable height

Thanks to the solid Drift chairs' gas piston system, you can easily regulate and adjust the most suitable height for your playing or working space.

Gaming Chairs - Foam - Drift - DR50 Black / blue

Available in 7 colors

Available DR75 chair in any of its 7 different colors, all with Drift logo embroidered on the headrest, in the same color as other details.

  • 66 x 53 x 115-123 cm (lenth x width x height)
  • 15.1 Kg
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