Gaming Chair DR125 Black Drift
DR125 Black 149,90€
Chairs - PU leather - Drift - DR125 Black

Improved ergonomics for your gaming experience

Drift presents the evolution of gaming office chairs, ergonomic design and a sporty look, the DR125 will allow you to keep the right posture with maximum comfort while you enjoy your time on your PC.
Chairs - PU leather - Drift - DR125 Black

Adjustable armrest

Set your chair for long games worrying about anything else. DR85 armrests are adjustable in height.

Premium materials

A finish with premium materials. Built upon a sturdy structure covered with FOAM padding and first quality leatherette, with an aggressive design and carbon fiber texture finishes.

Chairs - PU leather - Drift - DR125 Black

Class 4 piston

Drift chairs feature a class 4 gas piston, which makes them very resistant to great weight.

Nylon wheels and metal star base

A set of high-quality nylon wheels on a rigid star base provide great stability and ultra-smooth sliding.

Chairs - PU leather - Drift - DR125 Black

Tilting seat

Drift chairs offer you the greatest comfort by adapting to your gravity center through its tilting system
Chairs - PU leather - Drift - DR125 Black

Adjustable height

Thanks to the solid Drift chairs' gas piston system, you can easily regulate and adjust the most suitable height for your playing or working space.

Chairs - PU leather - Drift - DR125 Black

Adjustable backrest

Up to 135 inclination degrees.

Drift chairs have a firm and well padded backrest to recline on for resting, playing or working in the very most comfortable way.

Chairs - PU leather - Drift - DR125 Black

Cervical and lumbar cushions

DRIFT chairs include both lumbar and cervical cushions to achieve the best ergonomics and comfort, avoiding bad sitting positions or unnecessary stress for your back.

  • Armrest Adjustable | PU (polyurethane) faux leather padding
  • Base; Type: star | Material: metal | Dimensions: 340mm
  • Casters; Material: nylon | Number of spokes: 10 | Diameter: 60mm
  • 73 x 60 x 126-136 cm (largo x ancho x altura)
  • 18 Kg
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