Vigor GK40 + Mice Clutch GM10


Keyboard MSI

REF. S11-04ES211-AP1
Combo Gaming  Vigor GK40 + MIce Clutch GM10 MSI
Vigor GK40 + Mice Clutch GM10 59,50€
Keyboards - Pack - MSI - Vigor GK40 + Mice Clutch  GM10

MSI Vigor GK40.

Conquer the darkness . Multi-color LED backlight and adjustable brightness bring a different style and night-time functionality to your desktop.These dazzling colors help you to be victorious when fighting in the dark! 

Personalize your keyboard with MSI Mystic Light . Easily change the outlook of keyboards by choosing from millions colors and multiple light effect via MSI Mystic Light. Let’s synchronize other RGB components and enjoy a stunning RGB show. 

Mechanical-like Feel .Utilizing mechanical-like feel with replaceable keycaps, the Vigor GK40 GAMING KEYBOARD gives gamers an excellent responsive feeling with each keystroke, very close to a mechanical switch keyboard. This design supports a great gaming performance when concentrating on fighting against online opponents. 

Multimedia Function Hotkeys . With the multimedia function hotkeys, gamers are able to easily control the volume or playback functions to enjoy gameplay without having to use a mouse to open any software. 

Anti-Ghosting Capability.  Especially for FPS or MMO game types, this keyboard has up to 20 Keys with anti-ghosting capabilities without any conflict during gaming. 

Ergonomic Design. The integrated wrist rest design can fully support gamer’s wrist with a comfortable flat base when typing or gaming. 

Clutch GM10

What is Clutch? 

When it comes to those decisive game-changing moments, you need the right gear to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat. MSI Clutch series GAMING mice use the best components to make sure you can depend on your mouse. So that when that moment comes, you are ready to Clutch! 

  • Asymmetric Ergonomics . The Clutch GM10 GAMING mouse is crafted by ergonomic design to provide right-handed gamers the most comfortable experience. 
  • Quick DPI Adjustment. Equipped with PixArt optical sensor provides four-levels of instant DPI settings without software control for various usages. 
  • Integrated Anti-Slip side grips . GM10 features the exclusive anti-slip texture with dragon-scale texture on both sides. This allows gamers to keep a firm grip on the game. 
  • GAMING Build Quality . High quality gaming switches last for 10+ million clicks.
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