PS4 500GB + FIFA 21 + 2 DualShock

Consoles Sony

REF. 9830924
console PlayStation 4 500GB + FIFA 21+  2 DualShock
PS4 500GB + FIFA 21 + 2 DualShock 384,90€

Sony PS4 500GB FIFA WC Console Chassis D

  • The game experience, redesigned: Enjoy a more stylized and compact PS4 with the same game power.
  • A renewed and smaller PS4. Enjoy incredibly vivid and bright colors with amazing HDR graphics.
  • Organize your games and applications and share everything with your friends through a new intuitive interface.
  • The best of television, movies and much more from your favorite entertainment applications.
  • Unmatched control: DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller has been updated with a new look and feel, including a more visible and colorful light bar so you have even more control of the game in your hands. It is the most ergonomic and intuitive PlayStation controller we have ever designed.
  • Share Play: Invite a friend to join the adventure, challenge him to a multiplayer game or let him take over in your place, even if he does not have the game.
  • Remote use: Stream games to your PC or Mac, PlayStation Vita or Sony Xperia device through your home Wi-Fi network. You will not have to re-depend on your television.
  • Broadcast your games: Relay your adventures live for everyone to see on Twitch, YouTube or Dailymotion.
  • Share in seconds: Share screenshots or videos of your best moments on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Connect with your friends: Create groups, chat with friends or join gaming communities to find new players.
Consoles - Sony - PS4 500GB + FIFA 21 +  2 DualShock
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