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Cpu Cooler  NOX Hummer H-312 Intel & Amd
H-312 36,91€


H-312 is the latest model of 12cm range from CPU coolers Hummer, a complete high quality solution that combines outstanding performance, quiet operation and excellent compatiblity.

  •     Intel & AMD compatible 
  •     4 dual nickel heatpipes
  •     120mm H-Fan PWM included
  •     Ruber stabilizer on corners
  •     Easy installation
  •     Ready to install a second fan
Refrigeration - Intel & Amd - Nox - H-312

Performance and efficiency

H-312 is the cooler with 4 nickel heatpipes 6mm diameter and a large aluminum heatsink combined for efficient heat dissipation from CPU. In addition, H-312 incorporates H-Fan PWM for convenient automatic speed control through motherboard.

Refrigeration - Intel & Amd - Nox - H-312

High cooling capacity

The central column of aluminum gives support and strength to the heatsink. The heatpipes are made with last CNC technology to achieve a flat surface and provides a direct contact with the surface of the CPU.

No interference design

With a slim profile and built at angle, the H-312 ensures a maximum compatibility with RAM modules. The CPU cooler incorporates a simple and safe assembly with guarantees a perfect contact pressure and máximum confort in all current sockets.

Refrigeration - Intel & Amd - Nox - H-312

Excellent cooling

H-Fan PWM provides a magnificent static pressure, excellent performance and an amazing silent operation.

It also incorporates Hydraulic Bearing system, anti vibration rubber stabilizers on corners and new blade design optimized for superior static pressure. Besides, H-312 incorporates mounting hooks for the installation of a second fan.

Refrigeration - Intel & Amd - Nox - H-312

Easy installation for Intel and AMD

The CPU cooler installation is fairly simple in a few steps. You only need to choose the socket depending of system, secure it to the plate and place the heatsink with metal anchors.

  • Intel & AMD compatible
  • 4 dual copper heatpipes
  • Ruber stabilizer on corners
  • Easy installation
  • Ready to install a second fan
  • Bearing : Hydraulic bearing
  • Speed : 600 - 1800 RPM
  • Airflow : 15.6 - 60.7 CFM
  • Sound Level : 16.2 - 29.2 dBA
  • Dimensiones ; 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Intel socket: LGA1151 / LGA 1150 / LGA 1156 / LGA 1155
  • AMD socket: FM2+ / FM2 / FM1 / AM3+ / AM2+ / AM2
  • 123 x 159 x 85 mm
  • 740 g
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