Hummer H-224 Noir

Interl & AMD / PWM 120 mm

Refrigeration Nox

Cooler Cpu NOX Hummer H-224 Noir B Intel y AMD
Hummer H-224 Noir 42,89€
Refrigeration - Interl & AMD /  PWM 120 mm - Nox - Hummer H-224 Noir

H-224 noir

The Nox Hummer H-224 Noir is a discreet CPU cooler with an elegant and minimalist appearance, built with top quality materials. Finished in black, this 120 mm fan boasts blades capable of dissipating heat at high speed.

Featuring four high performance copper heatpipes with high thermal conductivity, as well as an aluminum base, you'll be surprised not only by its great thermal efficiency, but also its low noise level.   

Refrigeration - Interl & AMD /  PWM 120 mm - Nox - Hummer H-224 Noir


This advanced heatsink incorporates PWM technology for automatic fan speed control: energy savings are guaranteed.
The Nox Hummer H-224 Noir surprises with its great thermal efficiency and low noise level: so quiet that it's almost inaudible. It is perfect for the most demanding setups, managing to maintain a low temperature even in the most frenetic conditions.
Refrigeration - Interl & AMD /  PWM 120 mm - Nox - Hummer H-224 Noir


The Nox Hummer H-224 Noir has dimensions of 120 x 73 x 154 mm. Its reduced size means that it doesn't interfere with the installation of the RAM memory.


The Nox Hummer H-224 is an elegant CPU cooling system, compatible with AMD and Intel and very easy to install. This heatsink also allows you the option of fitting another 120mm fan, and includes the necessary attachments, meaning you can improve the ventilation of your PC even more (additional fan not included).

  • Compatible with Intel & AMD
  • 120 mm silent fan with PWM
  • 4 heatpipes
  • aluminum base and copper
  • aluminum base and copper
  • Socket Intel LGA 1151 / 1150 / 1156 / 1155 / 1200 / 2011 / 2066
  • Socket AMD AM4
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