iCUE ML120 RGB ELITE - Single pack Black

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Corsair  computer cooling system Computer case Fan 12 cm Black
iCUE ML120 RGB ELITE - Single pack Black 31,90€
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Corsair iCUE ML120 RGB ELITE

The CORSAIR iCUE ML120 RGB ELITE Premium 140mm PWM Magnetic Levitation Dual Fan Kit boasts CORSAIR AirGuide technology and magnetic levitation bearings for low noise and high cooling performance.

ML RGB ELITE SERIES Up your game by harnessing the power of AirGuide Technology and Magnetic Levitation for the ultimate high-performing experience.

CORSAIR AIRGUIDE TECHNOLOGY ML RGB ELITE series fans feature anti-vortex vanes that channel directed airflow. Whether used as intake, exhaust, or mounted to a liquid cooling radiator or heatsink, the AirGuide Technology will increase static pressure and concentrate your airflow for more enhanced cooling.

FRICTION MEETS REALITY Powered by magnetic levitation bearings, the ML RGB ELITE produces little friction, low noise, and longer-lasting durability than traditional bearing fans.

COOLING WITHOUT COMPROMISE Up to 2000 RPM*, PWM fan control with zero RPM mode provides dynamic speed adjustments so you can find the perfect balance in airflow that your system needs.

LIGHTING AT YOUR COMMAND Equipped with eight ultra-bright, hub mounted RGB LEDs, the ML RGB Elite puts the spotlight on your build with mesmerizing blast of colors and effects. Control and customize captivating lighting effects with the robust iCUE software, bringing your system to life with dynamic RGB synchronized across all your iCUE compatible products such as the ELITE LCD Display

BE SEEN NOT HEARD The powerful translucent fan blades spin quietly even at full speed, providing high airflow while letting your lighting shine through.

  • Suitable location : Computer case
  • Type : Fan
  • Fan diameter : 12 cm
  • Supported processor sockets : Not supported
  • Rotational speed (min) : 450 RPM
  • Rotational speed (max) : 2000 RPM
  • Noise level (low speed) : 10 dB
  • Noise level (high speed) : 30.4 dB
  • Minimum airflow (imperial) : 14.86 cfm
  • Maximum airflow : 58.1 cfm
  • Minimum air pressure : 0.3 mmH2O
  • Maximum air pressure : 2.9 mmH2O
  • Pulse-width modulation (PWM) support : Y
  • Quantity per pack : 1 pc(s)
  • Compatible products : CORSAIR iCUE
  • Product colour : Black
  • Illumination LED : Y
  • Illumination colour : Blue, Green, Red
Weight & dimensions
  • Fan dimensions (W x D x H) : 120 x 25 x 120 mm
  • Fan weight : 186 g
Packaging content
  • Screws included : Y
  • Number of screws : 4
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