Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i RGB Black

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kit CORSAIR Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i RGB Black
Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i RGB Black 619,90€
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CORSAIR Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i RGB PRO

The CORSAIR Hydro X Series iCUE XH305i RGB PRO Custom Cooling Kit contains all the components you need to build your very own premium custom cooling loop with a beautiful white finish, turning your PC into a masterpiece with 128 RGB LEDs while improving its performance. With an XC7 RGB PRO CPU Water Block, XD5 Pump/Reservoir Combo, radiator, fans, and more, the XH305i RGB PRO is your ticket into the world of Hydro X Series custom cooling. An included iCUE controller puts you in command of your loop with CORSAIR iCUE software, adjusting fan and pump speeds, monitoring performance, customizing RGB lighting, and synchronizing it with your entire setup. The XH305i RGB PRO includes extra fittings for a potential GPU block upgrade.

  • Make your PC a visual masterpiece with a hardline custom cooling kit including only premium components, giving your system a stunning, distinctive look.
  • Contains the parts you need for a complete CPU custom cooling loop in one box, including tube bending tools and extra fittings for GPU cooling expansion (GPU block not included).
  • Push your system further with superior CPU cooling performance and remarkably quiet operation, powered by an intelligently controlled D5 custom cooling pump with an included temperature sensor for automatic cooling adjustments based on your system’s current needs.
  • Easy and intuitive installation with the option for automated software control to set your fan and pump speeds to their lowest possible noise level.
  • Dynamic, individually addressable RGB lighting integrated into the CPU water block, pump/reservoir, and cooling fans gives your PC a striking look to stand out from the crowd.
  • The XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo features a high-performance D5 PWM pump, integrated RGB lighting, and in-loop temperature sensor.
  • The XC7 RGB PRO CPU Water Block combines premium construction and extreme cooling performance, compatible with Intel® LGA 1700, LGA 1200 and AMD AM4 sockets.
  • Three iCUE QL120 RGB PWM fans, each boasting 34 RGB LEDs split across four distinct light loops, create vibrant lighting and visual effects along with powerful cooling.
  • An iCUE controller and powerful CORSAIR iCUE software put you in complete control of your custom cooling loop, adjusting fan and pump settings, monitoring temperatures, customizing RGB lighting, and synchronizing it with all iCUE-compatible products in your setup.
  • Create stunning loops with XT Hardline Tubing, easily cut and bent to your needs using the included saw, bending mandrel, tube holder, and silicone insert, and installed with the included XF Hardline Fittings and Adapters.
  • One liter of clear, pre-mixed XL8 Performance Coolant keeps your loop running clean and cool with anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial inhibitors.

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