Wave Panels

Wall mounted / 250g

Streaming ELGATO

REF. 10AAJ9901
ELGATO Wave Panels sound insulation panel kit
Wave Panels 139,90€
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Wave Panels

Now you can optimize your space for superior sound and ambience with Wave Panels.

  • Installs in an instant. With the patented EasyClick frames, installation is quick and easy. You just have to hook them together to create a constellation. Since the Wave Panels are extremely light, the constellations can be mounted with just one or two screws. Sometimes the included tesa® adhesive strips are enough.
  • Customizable to infinity. The hexagonal design allows the Wave Panels to be adapted to any space. Create multiple constellations, design unique shapes, and match colors to personalize your space.
  • Two-density material. Low-density wavy foam cushions highs. The high-density fiber controls the mids and bass. And a hidden air chamber absorbs sound even more. The result is an ideal tonal balance for a superior streaming and listening experience.
  • Equalize your room. The rewards of acoustic treatment are enormous. Voices become powerful and light, music conveys more detail, movies sound spectacular, and games sound more lifelike. Wave Panels are designed to make installation easier than ever. Even just a few will change the way you create and experience sound.
  • Easy to put on and take off. No more sticking foam tiles to the walls and ripping them off when it's time to move. With the included tesa® adhesive strips and one or two screws, Wave Panels are as easy to mount as they are to relocate
  • Product type : Acoustic panel
  • Mounting type : Wall-mounted
  • Product colour : Black
  • Coloration : Monotone
  • Material : Foam
  • Easy to move : Y
Weight & dimensions
  • Width : 491 mm
  • Height : 426 mm
  • Thickness : 4.7 cm
  • Weight : 250 g
Packaging content
  • Quantity : 6
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