Sound BlasterX G6

External USB sound card and DAC for HD 7.1 gaming

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Creative Labs Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 Channel USB Sound Card
Sound BlasterX G6 130,93€

Sound BlasterX G6

Sound BlasterX G6 7.1 HD Gaming DAC and External USB Sound Card with Xamp Headphone Amplifier for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

  • OVERVIEW Upgrade your game! An amazing upgrade over our well-received Sound BlasterX G5, the Sound BlasterX G6 immediately improves your audio, giving you a much more enjoyable experience compared to what you get from default motherboard audio or any other USB Gaming DAC in the market. The USB sound card works with PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and combines a virtual 7.1 32-bit/384kHz, 130dB USB Digital Audio Converter (DAC) with our awesome Xamp discrete headphone amplifier for incredibly detailed audio. It also boasts Dolby Digital decoding, virtual 7.1 surround sound, game-voice volume balancing, Scout Mode, and Sound Blaster's 30 year legacy of impressive sound enhancement technologies. All this comes together to make the Sound BlasterX G6 an incredible audio upgrade for both gamers and music and audio enthusiasts.
  • Old Games, New Life The Sound BlasterX G6 has the best audio performance of any USB sound card or gaming DAC in the market. When paired with a good headset, the Sound BlasterX G6 brings games alive, delivering new audio details even from games you thought you knew inside out. The more audio you hear, the more fun you'll have. You may just win a little more too.
  • Works with Everything It doesn't matter which camp you're in - PC or console - we've got you covered. The Sound BlasterX G6 features a wide array of connectivity options - optical, USB, and even line-in - which means your gaming audio will be instantly improved whether you're on PC, PS4, Xbox, or even a Nintendo Switch.
  • Supports Scout Mode Activate Scout Mode to give yourself a distinct tactical advantage! This tried and tested technology enhances important in-game audio cues - such as footsteps and weapon switching sounds - allowing you to quickly and accurately pinpoint your opponents' location before they pinpoint yours!
  • Incredible Processing Sound Blaster has been in the audio processing game for 30 years. All our USB sound cards provide compelling surround sound, clean up vocals, and enhance audio cues to give a competitive advantage in games! The best part: you get to control every bit of it from the Sound Blaster Connect software.
  • Convenient Controls The Sound BlasterX G6 is designed to make things easy. The single audio wheel controls both the gameplay audio and your mic volume for easy balancing. Buttons on the side control processing profiles and Scout Mode, and switching between headphones and speakers is easy via the Sound Blaster Connect software.
  • Serious Sound Performance We're not joking about our sound quality. The Sound BlasterX G6 was designed for the most discerning gamers and built with components that would impress even audiophiles.
  • Xamp Discrete Headphone Amplification The jewel in the Sound BlasterX G6's proverbial crown is our custom-designed Xamp discrete headphone amplifier. As opposed to single amplification found in other gaming DAC amps, Xamp amplifies both audio channels individually. You'll enjoy more detailed audio on highs, mids, and bass. Xamp will drive any gaming headset excellently, but it goes even further than that. The ultra-low 1Ω output impedance perfectly drives performance-grade sensitive 16Ω in-ear monitors all the way to studio-grade 600Ω headphones.
  • VENTUREBEAT The amp makes all kinds of headphones sound amazing. Your games will sound more dynamic, your movies will come across as more cinematic, and your music will pop with far more energy than you get without an amp.
  • UNLOCKED The Xamp headphone amp is extremely good and produced warm and full sound with outstanding imaging that made me imagine all the instruments being played when I closed my eyes.
  • Audiophile-grade Specifications The specifications of the Sound BlasterX G6 are impressive. It serves as a 32-bit 384kHz* DAC with an ultra-high dynamic range of 130dB. The DAC features an oversampled multi-bit modulator with mismatch shaping technology that eliminates distortion, ensuring that audio is streamed with the highest level of detail and fidelity. The Sound BlasterX G6 also supports hi-res PCM and DoP audio formats.
  • Internal : N
  • Audio output channels : 7.1 channels
  • Audio quality : 32 bit
  • Line-out Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) : 130 dB
  • Digital-to-Analog Conversion (DAC) : 32-bit/384kHz
Ports & interfaces
  • Host interface : USB
  • Line-in : Y
  • Line-out : Y
  • Headphone outputs : 1
  • Digital audio optical out : 1
  • Microphone in : Y
  • Dolby technologies : Dolby Digital
  • LED indicators : Y
  • USB powered : Y
  • Product colour : Black, Gold
  • Cables included : Micro-USB, TOSLINK Digital Optical
  • Mac compatibility : Y
  • Mac operating systems supported : Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite,Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan,Mac OS X 10.12 Sierra,Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion,Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
System requirements
  • Minimum RAM : 1024 MB
  • USB required : Y
Weight & dimensions
  • Weight : 144 g
  • Width : 70 mm
  • Depth : 111 mm
  • Height : 24 mm
Other features
  • Minimum storage drive space : 600 MB
  • Number of products included : 1 pc(s)
  • Digital audio optical in : 1
  • Power LED : Y
  • Quick start guide : Y
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