AF Series™ AF140 LED White

Dual pack

Refrigeration Corsair

Fan Chassis Corsair AF140 14cm White LED Low Noise Dual Pack
AF Series™ AF140 LED White 29,90€
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AF Series™ AF140 LED White Dual Pack

  • Maximum Cooling Performance and LED Illumination: Corsair Air Series LED high-flow PC chassis fans combine effective air circulation with low noise levels with stunning LED lighting. The specifically molded blades are optimized to favor the circulation of a large volume of air with less noise and turbulence than the usual chassis fans. They are translucent, with a matte texture, with which the light of the four LEDs adds a spectacular effect.
  • Designed for High Flow Refrigeration for Large Volumes: Air Series AF fan models work best in large spaces that have at least 3 cm of margin and are perfect for mounting on the back or top of the PC chassis to eject the air of base plate of the PC and CPU, of the accelerators graphical and of other components that heat the chassis. They work equally well as inlet fans for large areas such as side panels or lower inlet fans.
  • Better Performance than Standard Chassis Fans: Air Series AF fan models are designed to outperform standard chassis fans. The blades are custom molded for excellent air flow and are ultra thin for less noise and turbulence. The sleeve bearing system reduces vibration for quiet operation.
  • Suitable for : Computer case
  • Rotational speed (min) : 1035 RPM
  • Rotational speed (max) : 1265 RPM
  • Noise level (low speed) : 26 dB
  • Minimum airflow : 62 cfm
  • Minimum air pressure : 1.43 mmH2O
  • Bearing type : Hydraulic
  • Illumination LED : Y
  • Illumination colour : White
  • Voltage : 7 - 12 V
Weight & dimensions
  • Width : 140 mm
  • Depth : 25 mm
  • Height : 140 mm
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