Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp

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Nintendo Switch Advance Wars 1 + 2 Game: Re-Boot Camp
Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp 59,90€
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Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

Take command of your soldiers and engage in turn-based combat as a strategic advisor to the Orange Star Army. Your expertise in the field will be key to moving ground, air and naval units across the battlefield.

Take out enemy squads and capture towns and bases to claim victory and keep the peace safe. Keep an eye out for the terrain or the weather, which can affect the way the game unfolds, and lead different units across different maps. This new version of the game includes two campaigns covering the events of Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising.

Videogames - Nintendo switch - Nintendo - Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp

Fight alongside the commanding officers

Defend your territory with the help of Andy, Max, Sami, and other commanding officers, each with their own strengths and OJ powers! Andy can repair the units, while Sami improves the skills of the troops, for example. Enemies have their own OJ powers too! Throughout both campaigns, the commanding officers you meet will play a key role both on the battlefield and in history.

Videogames - Nintendo switch - Nintendo - Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp

Recruit your friends and find out who is the best strategist

When you get tired of fighting for peace in either campaign, you can show off your leadership skills in Combat Vs mode. Up to four players can see each other's faces on dozens of maps. Each player chooses a commanding officer from one of the two campaigns and strategically uses his OJ powers to change the course of combat. Additionally, you can customize combat with options like backgrounds for each friendly base and fog.

  • Platform : Nintendo Switch
  • Game genre : Strategy
  • Language version : Alemán, Inglés, Español, Francés, Italiano, Neerlandés
  • Release date (DD/MM/YYYY) : 03-12-2021
  • PEGI rating : PEGI 12 Provisional
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