DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power

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Game Nintendo Switch DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power
DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power 51,48€

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power

Join forces with Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl, from the DC Super Hero Girls animated series, and save Metropolis from the clutches of some of DC's best-known supervillains!

Each heroine can take on the baddies with a unique set of abilities: Wonder Woman uses her warrior skills with the Lasso of Truth and the Flying Shield; Supergirl has Heat Vision and Supersnop; and Batgirl invents all kinds of gadgets to fight crime, like the Batarang and the Bat-Hook. But, when you get tired of handing out justice.

You will have to balance your life between fighting crime and enjoying adolescence to the fullest.

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