Hotel Transylvania: Horror Story Adventures

Nintendo Games Bandai Namco

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Game Nintendo Switch Hotel Transylvania: Horror Story Adventures
Hotel Transylvania: Horror Story Adventures 39,99€

Hotel Transylvania: Horror Story Adventures

Explore classic storybook worlds with your favorite characters from Sony Pictures Animation films in Hotel Transylvania: Horror Story Adventures!

Play with Drac and Mavis in unique worlds with a sinister twist, such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Emperor's New Clothes, and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

You will have to face fearsome enemies and demonic puzzles as you bravely advance and use your special abilities to run, slide and jump through the spooky storybook worlds. You may meet prominent HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA characters like Johnny, Murray, Wayne, and more, who will help you complete fascinating quests and overcome twisted challenges, all with enough collectibles to discover to fill a coffin.

With so much at stake, Drac and Marvis are counting on you not to be left in the lurch!

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