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Nintendo Switch game WarioWare Get it Together!
WarioWare Get it Together! 42,93€

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Take on over 200 fun microgames on WarioWare: Get It Together! for Nintendo Switch. And help Wario and his friends escape a microworld full of microgames.

  • Take on a mountain of microgames. You must help Wario, after he is absorbed by his latest creation. Enjoy this adventure alone or with a friend in the cooperative mode for 2 players, it is a novelty for the series. You can play on the same console or locally.
  • Control Wario and his diverse friends. For the first time, you control Wario and his friends in their chaotic games. For example, take down a turtle with Wario's dash, or choose Ashley and cast a spell on her. In WarioWare: Get It Together! you can mix characters and microgames to have a blast. Use the ability of each one to overcome them!
Technical specifications
  • Platform : Nintendo switch
  • Release date : 09/10/2021
  • PEGI rating : 7
  • Languages : German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Chinese
  • Gender : Adventure, RPG, Action
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