Hasbro Family Fun Pack


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Playstation 4 Game Hasbro Family Fun Pack
Hasbro Family Fun Pack 17,99€

Hasbro Family Fun Pack

The Hasbro Family Fun Pack will offer countless hours of family fun and enriching experiences for all ages with Monopoly, Boggle, Trivial Pursuit, and Risk, all in one collection. The classic games will now be more fun and interactive than ever in their version for consoles.

There are tons of surprises waiting for you. 3D experiences, fun new customizable rules, missions and much more. Take the fun to a new level and enjoy with your friends and family in the living room, or with others from anywhere in the world online. Enjoy fun social features like bookmarks, news feeds, and trophies.

    • Go on an adventure to dominate them all!
    • Build your empire in a vibrant and colorful 3D city, animated by other fun playmates.
    • Monopoly Plus takes the series to a new level with impressive animations, customizable own rules and an online multiplayer mode with which you can challenge players from all over the world.
    • You can even control the fun from your smartphone or tablet.
    • Show off your knowledge in a fast-paced television experience.
    • Trivial Pursuit has never been so much fun!
    • With a modern look, a highly interactive game scenario, renewed question types, and many other exciting new features.
    • The game is now more fun and suitable for everyone, thanks to the adjustment of the difficulty levels, in addition to the close tie rounds, with which you will have a great time thanks to an original and renewed experience.
  • RISK:
    • Reach global domination with Risk.
    • Risk offers a challenging and immersive strategic experience with a modern approach to the 2010 rules.
    • Lead the armed forces and direct the war from inside your high-tech control room.
    • Fight on the classic map layout revamped now with amazing 3D visuals, and
    • Deploy your tanks, planes and infantry with the help of your unique virtual tactical advisor, Iris.
    • Enjoy a modern military look, and rediscover rule variants like 'capture all capitals'.
    • You can even defeat your friends online or show them who is the best from your living room!
  • Platform : PlayStation®4
  • Release date : 22/10/2015
  • Age classification : PEGI 18
  • Gender : Ability
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