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Playstation 4 Persona 5 Game
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Persona 5

Persona 5 is a game about the internal and external conflicts of a group of troubled teenagers who live a double life as white-collar thieves.

Although they live the usual day-to-day life of a Tokyo High School student - going to class, after-school activities, and part-time jobs - they also go on fantastic adventures by using supernatural powers to penetrate people's hearts.

Its power comes from the Person, the Jungian concept of 'me'. The heroes of the game realize that society forces people to wear masks to protect their inner vulnerabilities, and by literally ripping off their protective masks and facing their own selves, the heroes awaken their inner power and use it to help those in need.

Playstation - PS4 - Koch Media - Person 5

Ultimately, this group of thieves seeks to change their everyday world to suit their perception and see through the mask worn by modern society.

  • Persona 5 marks the return of the award-winning franchise to home consoles from the PS2 generation.
  • Accelerated Japanese RPG mechanics, thrilling action scenes.
  • Eye-catching characters, enemies and environments and elegant anime-style cutscenes.
  • Soundtrack with the innovative sounds of acid jazz composed by the talented Shoji Meguro.
  • Overcome various obstacles with the grace of a white-collar thief.
  • Platform : PlayStation®4
  • Release date : 04/04/2017
  • Genre : Role
  • Age rating (PEGI) : 16
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