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Playstation 4 Resident Evil 6 Hd Game
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Resident Evil 6 Hd

With a mix of action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 promises to be the best dramatic horror experience

  • The saga's favorite characters like Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield are joined by new ones, including Jake Muller, with whom they will confront the bioterrorist threat on a global scale, following the events that take place between North America, the devastated by the war state of Edonia in Eastern Europe and in the Chinese city of Lanshiang.
  • This cast will be joined by Presidential Aide Derek Simmons, who vowed to go after Leon for his involvement in the death of the President and "Fatal Woman" Ada Wong. But, it remains to be seen what role Ada will play in the development of the story and her connections to the mysterious Neo-Umbrella.
  • Resident Evil 6 has three interlocking story lines, each with its own pair of protagonists both for the solo game and in the online and offline versions of the cooperative
  • Leon S. Kennedy is paired with US government agent Helena Harper, Chris Redfield teams up with BSAA component Piers Nivans. Finally, the hitman and son of the infamous Albert Wesker, Jake Muller, is joined by Sherry Birkin, the daughter of William and Annet, former key Umbrella scientists
  • All six characters will face a new terror - the highly virulent C-Virus that has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world, creating new and deadly transformations
  • With these three stories intertwined, Resident Evil 6 will not only provide different perspectives and styles of play, but will feature an innovative crossover mechanic allowing players to team up and share the terror
  • At key moments in the game, up to four players can band together online to deal with specific situations, and at some levels the classic coalition can be alternated to further increase the depth of play.
  • Platform : PlayStation®4
  • Age classification : PEGI 18
  • Gender : Action
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