Fortnite: Mint Legends Pack - PS5

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Playstation 5 Fortnite Game: Mint Legends Pack
Fortnite: Mint Legends Pack - PS5 21,82€

Fortnite: Mint Legends Pack

Enjoy the new Fortnite content with its new pack of Legends of Mint, in which you can get 10 new exclusive objects to give an original and fun touch to your characters in the game.

Fortnite is a world of multiple experiences. Drop in on the island and compete until you are the last players (or teams) standing. Stay with your friends to attend a concert or see a movie. Create your own world with your own rules. Or take out hordes of monsters with other players to save the world.

  • This pack contains 3 new outfits
    • Fresh Aura - Get the loot and share the cool.
    • Mint Bomber: The Future Looks Fresh ...
    • Skeleton Gold: Mint chaos and a refreshing obsession.
  • In addition to the following objects
    • Three retro backpacks. Menthol multimochila, menthol backpack and menthol mountaineer.
    • Three harpoon picks. Menthol Mountaineer Peak, Freshbreak Peak, Triplemental Scepter Peak
    • And a spicy paper. Burning Mint Wrap
    • 1,000 additional V-coins included
  • Platform : PlayStation®5
  • Release date : 02/11/2021
  • Age classification : PEGI 7
  • Gender : Action
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