Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Year 6


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Playstation 5 Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Year 6 Game
Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Year 6 18,90€
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Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Year 6

Rainbow Six Siege is the name of the next installment in the acclaimed first-person shooter series, developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio for the new generation of consoles and PC.

Inspired by the everyday life of counter-terrorism special operations groups around the world, Rainbow Six Siege invites players to master the art of destruction. Intense hand-to-hand combat, deadly skills, tactics, team play and explosive action are the key to the experience the game offers.

Rainbow Six Siege's multiplayer mode sets a new level when it comes to intense combat and high strategy, within the already rich legacy of previous installments in the Rainbow Six series.

Playstation - PS5 - Ubisoft - Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Year 6
  • Antiterrosite Units. Take on the role of international counterterrorism agents specialized in hand-to-hand combat, destroying coordinated assaults with absolute precision.
  • The Siege game mode. Break into enemy forts using new strategies or fortify your own by managing your defenses: It all depends on which side you are on. That's what siege is all about, an assault combat mode that debuts in the rainbow six series.
  • Procedural Destruction. Change the curtain on the battle thanks to a level of destruction of environments never seen before, which will allow you to destroy walls and crack floors and ceilings. To achieve victory you must learn to master an element: Destruction.
  • The Deluxe Edition Year 6 contains:
    • The complete game (all maps and modes).
    • The 8 Agents from Year 1 (Frost, Buck, Valkyrie, Blackbeard, Caveira, Capitão, Hibana and Echo)
    • The 8 Agents from Year 2 (Jackal, Mira, Lesion, Ying, Ela, Zofia, Dokkaebi and Vigil
  • Platform : PlayStation®5
  • Release date : 16/03/2021
  • Age classification : PEGI 18
  • Gender : Action
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