Gamepad PS4 Black

Gamepad Nuwa

REF. 8436043081430
Gaming Gamepad Nuwa Bluetooth PS4 Black Edition
Gamepad PS4 Black 34,90€
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Improve your gaming precision thanks to the Nuwa Bluetooth PS4 CompatibleBlack edition Gaming Controller with ergonomic, elegant and super comfortable design together with highly sensitive buttons and analog sticks,

  • Touchpad. Control and draw using the highly responsive touchpad.
  • Light Bar. Add an extra customization to your command.
  • Ethereal Headphone Jack: Listen to your games privately through the headphone jack.
  • Bluetooth. Designed with maximum compatibility with PS4.
  • Compartir. Share the best moments directly from the controller.
  • Motion sensors. Built-in high sensitivity accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • Battery. Battery charged via included USB cable for uninterrupted gaming.

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