Raion for PS4™

PS4 / PC

Gamepad Razer

Gamepad Razer Raion Arcade PS4
Raion for PS4™ 105,90€
Gamepad Razer Raion Arcade PS4

Razer Raion Arcade PS4

When the competition gets its teeth out, claim your place as a super predator with the Razer Raion, a fighting game controller built for the community that loves these types of games.
Packed with top-notch features that improve your control and execution, this is the evolution you need to get to the top of the food chain.
Arcade Inspiration Gamepad Razer Raion Arcade PS4

Arcade Inspiration

Inspired by the design commonly found on arcade joysticks, the Razer Raion's front buttons feature optimal spacing and layout to allow you quicker access to commands.

With two more front buttons than the average gamepad, the wrestler provides more input options to suit both standard gripper and "gripper" styles. 

The benefits are obvious, regardless of whether you use your thumbs or other fingers to operate its 6 front buttons.

Switches mecánicos Razer™ Gamepad Razer Raion Arcade PS4

Front buttons with Razer ™ mechanical switches

The front buttons of this fighting game controller are slightly larger than the usual ones on the market, which means that there is less chance of you skipping an entry, since it is easier to press them.

Each entry is also made instantly thanks to the ultra-fast actuation of Razer's yellow switches. Designed to have an impressive 80 million keystroke lifespan, this industry leading standard has been tried and tested many times on our famous keyboards.

Gamepad Razer Raion Arcade PS4

Other features

  • Razer ™ 8-Way Mechanized Tactile Directional Crossarm. Unlike the 4-way directional pad, the Razer ™ 8-Way Mechanized Tactile Padlock allows you to streamline execution with clear diagonal inputs so you can move more precisely.
  • Tactile feedback. In addition to being padded to the touch and extremely responsive, it also has nice tactile feedback that lets you feel the inputs as you execute move combinations - a valuable advantage that often goes unnoticed and can lead to higher combination conversion rates.
  • Competition mode. Avoid unwanted keystrokes during a tournament by disabling additional buttons you don't need with the integrated button lock feature.
  • 3.5mm audio port. deal to play tournaments; Enjoy the convenience of connecting your 3.5mm audio device directly to the Razer Raion instead of the console.
  • PS4 ™ touch panel. A feature already known and retrieved from the original console controller, making the Razer Raion a complete fighting controller, in every sense of the word.
Input device
  • Device type : Gamepad
  • Gaming platforms supported : PlayStation 4
  • Gaming control technology : Analogue / Digital
  • Reflex vibration : Y
  • Analog thumbsticks : Y
  • Shoulder buttons : Y
  • LED backlight : Y
Ports & interfaces
  • Device interface : USB
  • Product colour : Black
  • Power source : Cable
Packaging data
  • Package type : Box
Packaging content
  • User guide : Y
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