Hummer TGX Rainbow

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Gasming ATX Chassis  Hummer TGX Rainbow
Hummer TGX Rainbow 109,90€
Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow
Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow

Design Elegant design

Hummer TGX Rainbow is a robust chassis compatible with ATX, mini ATX and ITX motherboards, a perfect case for those who want to set up an equipment where aesthetics and high performance go hand in hand.

With a sober and elegant dark appearance, Hummer TG design stands out for its three front fans with blue LED lighting, as well as for the wide vision that its front and lateral tempered glass panels offer of the chassis' insides and all of its components.

Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow


Atop of its attractive front panel (lighted by 3 fans with 33 blue LED dots), Hummer TG displays two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port on its top, as well as audio connections.

Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow
Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow

Cooling system

Hummer TG interior design is able to house a powerful cooling system, since you can add to its three 120 mm pre-installed front fans another fourth 120 mm fan in the back, or replace the front ones with a liquid cooling system up to 360 mm height.

In order to keep optimum temperature levels inside the PC, Hummer TG has at its base a lower compartment where to locate PSUs and HDDs, so that its heat emission is not transferred to the other components.

Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow

A perfect airflow

Thanks to its three front fans, a cold air stream will enter directly into Hummer TG to cool all components installed within.

Both rear fan and PSU strategic placement help expelling outside all the heat, thus allowing an efficient airflow. 

All Hummer TG air intakes feature removable dust filters

Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow

High performance

A high performance equipment requires a superior cooling system to help keeping a proper functioning of all its installed components.

Therefore, Hummer TG offers the possibility of housing large liquid cooling systems inside, since it incorporates (among other details) cable gutters to help keeping a tidy installation.

Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow
Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow

Interior space

It is possible to install inside Hummer TG graphics cards of great length (up to 415 mm).

Also, it is possible to house coolers with a maximum height of 163 mm into Hummer TG, which will allow you to install almost any high-end cooler on the market.

Cases - Tempered Glass - Nox - Hummer TGX Rainbow

Large storage capacity

Hummer TG has space to install up to three 3.5 " HDD units on the bottom, as well as two 2.5" SSD units on the sides.

Thus, by installing the SSD units in the chassis' side panel, you'll get a better use of Hummer TG inner space, as well as an improved airflow.

  • Glass tempered side and front panels
  • Four 140 mm RGB fans included
  • Magnetic dust filter on top panel
  • Excellent wiring management
  • Up to 9 fans capability
Drive Bays
  • 6x 2.5''; 3x 2.5'' o 2x 2.5'' + 1x 3.5''
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • 2x USB 2.0
  • HD Audio & Mic
  • LED control
  • Fan speed control
  • Steel SPCC 0.9 mm chassis
  • Front and side (left and right) 4 mm tempered glass panels
  • Frontal : Front: 3x 140 mm RGB
  • Top : Rear: 1x 140 mm RGB
Power Supply
  • Standard ATX compatible PSU (not included)
  • CPU : Cooler CPU: 175 mm
  • Graphics Cards : VGA: 430 mm (maximum length)
  • 235 x 515 x 500 mm (AN x AL x PR)
  • 10.7 Kg
Ventilation system
  • Integrated controller capable of controlling up to 6 fans (3 pin). Additional fans can be connected to the motherboard or to an additional controller, not included
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