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Gaming Chair Barbie X Drift
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Barbie X Drift

Drift presents the official Barbie™ chair - here to make you the player you’ve always dreamed of being. A fun fabric-covered gaming chair designed in the doll’s iconic pink that will take you to a whole new level of comfort during long sessions of play, work or study thanks to its adjustable armrests and infinite-reclining backrest, as well as a star-shaped base that guarantees stability. Make sure your personality is reflected in your gameplay.

Gaming Chairs - Drift - Barbie X Drift
  • Imagine the possibilities. Perfect for dreaming big, this fabric gaming chair features a solid metal structure that offers a smooth ride and total stability, meaning you can enjoy any kind of game. With incredible finishes in soft, high-quality fabric, breathability is guaranteed, even during long sessions, so you’ll shine even in the hottest months of the year.
  • Designed to shine. Its elegant pink gaming design includes the famous Barbie™ logo in white on both the front and back of the backrest, as well as the emblematic silhouette of the world's favourite doll on the backrest and the neck cushion. White finishes on the sides add the final touch - the perfect way to complete your on-trend setup.
Gaming Chairs - Drift - Barbie X Drift

2D Armrest. The armrests of this gaming chair have been ergonomically designed so you’ll always have the perfect support to maintain a comfortable posture, while ensuring your setup is chic at the same time: the armrests can be adjusted in height and side angle so they’re easily adapted to your play or work space.

You won't want to get up. Show off a unique style, created especially for a Barbie Girl like you. The Drift Barbie™ is an ergonomic gaming chair that integrates a mechanism designed to allow your bodyweight to be distributed in the most balanced way, promoting good posture.

Gaming Chairs - Drift - Barbie X Drift
  • Rest your way. Discover the many magical worlds of gaming with this desk chair that can be adjusted in several possible ways. A backrest that reclines up to 135º means it will adapt to your back and allow you to find the perfect angles for play and work, as well as breaks between games
  • A smooth ride. Move securely and quietly with the Drift Barbie™ thanks to a stable star-shaped base, and 60 mm nylon and polyurethane wheels that offer a perfect, silent glide on any surface without damaging the floor.
Gaming Chairs - Drift - Barbie X Drift

Back and neck cushion. Optimum comfort to unleash your imagination. Take care of your back and neck, with the back and neck cushions incorporated into the Drift Barbie™ gaming chair. They’ll help you to enjoy your favourite games for hours on end without your body suffering, ensuring a good posture without you even knowing it.

  • Fabric
  • Foam | Metal Frame
  • Ajustables 2D | Negros con acolchado extra
  • Type : Black painted with PU leather cushions, extra padding
  • gas piston : gas lift
  • Class : 4
  • Color : Black
  • Grey / Blue
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