Ed. Gigabyte PolarCave Intel® Core™ i5

Intel® Core™ i5-10400 / 16GB / SSD 256GB + HDD 1TB

Versus PC Office Versus PC Powered by Gigabyte

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Gaming computer Versus PC Ofiice Edición Gigabyte PolarCave Intel® Core™ i5
Ed. Gigabyte PolarCave Intel® Core™ i5 489,00€
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Versus PC Office - Intel® Core™ i5-10400 / 16GB / SSD 256GB + HDD 1TB - Versus PC - Powered by Gigabyte - Ed. Gigabyte PolarCave Intel® Core™ i5

Elegante y eficiente

Versus PC office Edición Gigabyte PolarCave monta la caja Nox Hummer Zero Core en un elegante color negro.

Para un excelente control de las conexiones principales, en su parte superior incluye una conexión USB 3.0 de alta velocidad y otro USB 2.0, además de los correspondientes jacks para el micrófono y los auriculares.

Este ordenador, perfecto para el día a día, cuenta con una fuente de alimentación de 450 W con Certificación 80 Plus White, lo que garantiza una eficiencia energética de un 80 %.

Versus PC Office - Intel® Core™ i5-10400 / 16GB / SSD 256GB + HDD 1TB - Versus PC - Powered by Gigabyte - Ed. Gigabyte PolarCave Intel® Core™ i5


VSPC is uniqueness, service, experience, excellence and innovation. We redrawn the creation of PC's thanks to our qualified technicians, craftsmen who assemble each of the components of our equipment by hand, from gaming computers to professional computers, which differentiates us and makes us the best option where to buy your custom computer .

  • Crafts. Each of our equipment is crafted by qualified technicians with many years of experience, who take care from component assignment to assembly, ensuring the best PC configurations.
  • Exclusiveness. Our technical team is made up of meticulous world-class system integrators who build each team from scratch with attention to detail. Did you know, for example, that all our boxes are exclusive? You will not find equipment mounted with these chassis anywhere else, with such professional finishes.
  • Personalization. Because we know that you are looking for solutions as powerful as they are customizable, all of our equipment has a button to choose the components of your PC. Versus PCs provide great flexibility thanks to our configurator that allows you to customize your computer. 
  • Testing. All of our computers undergo extensive performance tests to ensure they meet our high quality standards. You won't find a more reliable complete gaming PC. 
  • Support. Versus PC is with you always and throughout the purchase process. Do not hesitate to ask us if you are looking for a PC Gaming or a PC Expert, our team of technicians will offer you the best options for your needs and will fit your budget, recommending which desktop computer to buy, helping you to create your 100% personalized PC
  • Chassis : Torre Micro ATX Nox Hummer Zero Core Black
  • Processor : Intel® Core™ i5-10400 2.9GHz
  • Graphics Card : Intel® UHD Graphics 630
  • Storage : SSD Gigabyte Aorus 256 GB / HDD 1TB
  • RAM Memory : GoodRam IRDM X Black DDR4 16Gb 2666 MHz (2 x 8Gb)
  • Gigabyte H510M S2H
  • Cooler CPU : Nox Hummer H-224 Noir
  • Power supply : 450W 80 Plus White
Front connections
  • USB : USB 3.0 / USB 2.0
Rear connections
  • USB : USB 2.0 : 4 / USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) : 2
  • Graphic Card Video : DisplayPort / HDMI 2.0
  • 2x 3.5’’ · 2x 2.5’’
Dimensions & weight
  • Dimensions : 208 x 376 x 405 mm (AN x AL x LA)
Operating System
  • Windows 10 installed without license : Versión de pruebas, opción de compra en amplia tu equipo
  • Pendrive : Incluye manual de recuperación del sistema y Windows 10 sin licencia.
  • Manuals and drivers : De todos los componentes instalados
  • Free shipping : A cualquier punto de la península
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