Gaming Desk DZ200 Drift

Gaming Desks Drift

Gaming Desk DZ200 Drift
Gaming Desk DZ200 Drift 189,90€
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Gaming Desks - Drift - Gaming Desk DZ200 Drift


Solidity and durability . Drift DZ200 has been built on a solid and durable structure that ensures the stability of the desktop in the swings of the most extreme gaming conditions. Its board, laminated with carbon fiber, supports up to 80 kilos, which makes it ideal for any setup, perfect, therefore, for those gamers who prefer multiscreen. 

A large gaming surface . An optimized design, very spacious (140 x 65 cm), which allows the setup to be placed comfortably, either on its upper surface or, if preferred, on the lower one, thanks to the ample space that guarantees the important comfort of the legs for the long games.

Gaming Desks - Drift - Gaming Desk DZ200 Drift


Full-surface mouse pad . Adding comfort and elegance in two colors, the board is covered by an extra-large, resistant, and washable mouse pad, which protects it in its entirety, providing high precision and control of movement. 

Cup holder and headphone hook. The Drift DZ200 includes a convenient cup holder, where you can leave your drink without danger of spillage for the game, as well as a versatile headphone hook, preventing the cable from getting tangled with the rest of the setup peripherals, optimizing space management to the maximum and maintaining order.

Gaming Desks - Drift - Gaming Desk DZ200 Drift

Adjustable feet

The sturdy legs of the Drift DZ200 gaming desk show off an adjustable height. Its practical threaded legs allow you to adapt the table and overcome possible unevenness in the floor, so that you can adapt it to the space without problems. The maximum height that the DZ200 reaches is 75 cm. 


Gaming Desks - Drift - Gaming Desk DZ200 Drift

Get your cables under control

It has two cut out on top of the surface that allows all cables to be routed quickly and easily, as well as a rear storage box so that nothing gets in the way of your game.

Easy to assembly

In just six easy steps you will have your new space ready with little effort. In addition, the packaging is no bigger than that of other components of a setup, because the table is made up of two 70 cm boards that are joined together perfectly, being easy to transport.

Technical Specs
  • Board : Carbon fiber finish | Complete washable mat
  • Holders : Headset | Drinks
  • Order : Storage compartment | Cable management system
  • Dimensions : 140 x 65 x 75 cm
  • Net weight : 23 Kg
  • Gross weight : 27.7 Kg
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