Gaming Desk DZ75 Drift
DZ75 119,90€
Gaming Desks - Drift - DZ75

Maximum stability

The Drift DZ75 is the perfect addition to your rig. A solid structure gives this gaming desk maximum stability.

Built with premium materials, it boasts a carbon fibre laminated board which can support up to 100 kilos and offers excellent protection. Its compact size (100 x 60 x 75 cm) and elegant design make it perfect for any type of space.

Gaming Desks - Drift - DZ75

To play without limits

Everything about it is designed for pure enjoyment of the game. Whatever the battlefield, the Drift DZ75 provides the strength you need and the utmost comfort. This gaming desk includes a 80 x 30 cm XL mousemat, which protects its surface while guaranteeing the close control you need in every move. It's durable and washable, too. Your extra-large mousepad will give you the precision you need to reach Diamond.

Gaming Desks - Drift - DZ75

Cup holder and headphone hook

The Drift DZ75 is not just a table for gaming, it's a spacious, functional desk with practical accessories, where you can study or work comfortably. Its ergonomic design incorporates an extension support on both sides so you'll be able to expand your desk by up to 113 cm in total, and adapt it to your specific needs.

Gaming Desks - Drift - DZ75

Headphone hook and cup holder

Play without interruptions and let nothing get in the way of your path to victory as you can hang your headphones on the built-in hook and keep your drink safe in the cup holder.

Gaming Desks - Drift - DZ75

Adjustable legs

This gaming desk is practical and functional. The sturdy legs of the DZ75 are adjustable. You can adjust the legs of this gaming table to comfortably adapt it to your gaming or work space, and bring your gaming chair as close as you want.

Gaming Desks - Drift - DZ75

Easy assembly

This gaming desk is quick to assemble: in just four easy steps you'll have the complete table armed and ready.

Technical Specs
  • Board : Carbon fiber finish | Complete washable mat
  • Holders : Headset | Drinks
  • Dimensions : 113 x 60 x 75 cm
  • Net weight : 12,5 Kg
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