Gaming DRIFT Mousepad
Drift mousepad 14,90€
Mousepads - L - Drift - Drift mousepad

Drift technical mousepad’s

Drift technical mousepad’s heat treated cloth surface allows great movement control and precision, as well as an unbeatable glide in both optical and laser mice. Its generous size (450 x 400 x 4 mm) will provide you a large area to defeat your enemies.

Mousepads - L - Drift - Drift mousepad

Compliant to your movements

Drift Mousepad features stitched edges for an increased strength and durability, besides a textured rubber base that guarantees a firm grip. Feel free to make brisk movements: your mousepad won’t move a millimeter from its position.

  • Microfiber surface with minimal friction, suitable for laser and optical mice
  • Stitched edges for best durability
  • Anti slip rubber base for greater stability
  • Surface with smooth texture
  • Black and red
  • 400 x 450 x 4 mm (ancho x largo x grosor)
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