Model I White

19.000 DPI

Mouse Glorious

Gaming Glorious Model I white mouse
Model I White 74,90€
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The most feature-rich lightweight mouse yet. 9 Programmable buttons with 2 customizable magnetic thumb buttons put you in control. Looking at the highly-comfortable ergonomic shape, it's hard to believe the Model I is only 69 g.

  • CREATE YOUR WINNING COMBINATION. Quickly adapt the Model I to your playstyle with its modular side buttons. Two of the four thumb buttons are easily-swappable for a perfect fit in your hand. Or you can use the flat shape option to completely remove their usability. Up to nine unique combinations are available for you to try out.
  • ULTRA LIGHT AGILITY & ENDURANCE. The Model I becomes an extension of your arm for effortless control in all kinds of games. Its ergonomic body allows for a comfortable and confident grip that combats hand fatigue.
  • POWERFUL FUNCTION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Freely remap all the available buttons to your needs. Assign useful shortcuts, like instantly adjusting DPI by holding down a button, for custom control in games. Create and save up to three mouse profiles via Glorious CORE. Quickly switch between them to spend more time playing, less time tinkering.
  • 3-ZONE RGB 16.8 MILLION CUSTOM COLORS. Personalize the look of your Model I through Glorious CORE to perfectly match your setup.
  • FRICTIONLESS FEET FOR SMOOTH MOVEMENT. Slick G-Skates mouse feet allow the Model I to excel at both precise micro-adjustments and wide-arching swipes.

  • Glorious BAMF
  • 9
  • Windows 7 or Newer
  • USB-A (2.0)
Cable length
  • 2 m
  • 69 g ± 2.5 g
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