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Headset Gaming Krom Kayle PC and PS4
KAYLE RGB 7.1 37,90€
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Krom, ¡alfombrilla de regalo!
Headsets - 7.1 virtual sound - Krom - KAYLE RGB 7.1

Krom Kayle

Dive into the adrenaline of the game thanks to the 7.1. virtual surround sound of Krom Kayle, an innovative headset design that combines power, endurance, comfort and high performance features, to make your battles a unique gaming experience.

Headsets - 7.1 virtual sound - Krom - KAYLE RGB 7.1

Ergonomic and immersive

Enjoy every nuance and level of sound thanks to the high sensitivity of its 50mm speakers, which provide excellent sound quality and optimal insulation.

In addition, the Krom Kayle headphones have been designed to offer maximum comfort during long sessions thanks to their cushioned pads and adjustable headband, which effortlessly adapt to each user. 

Headsets - 7.1 virtual sound - Krom - KAYLE RGB 7.1

Illuminate your gaming experience

The Krom Kayle headphones are made of resistant and flexible materials, and have an aggressive and innovative design which features 7-color lighting and RGB flow effect, so that you experience absolute gaming immersion during your night sessions.
In addition, Kayle incorporates a flexible omnidirectional microphone that registers a perfectly clean sound, and can be adjusted to different positions depending on your needs in any specific moment.
Headsets - 7.1 virtual sound - Krom - KAYLE RGB 7.1

Total compatibility

You don´t need a headset for your PC games and others for everything else. KromKhami has multiple compatibility options: you can use it with your computer, your laptop, PS4, Xbox and any mobile device.

Headsets - 7.1 virtual sound - Krom - KAYLE RGB 7.1

Set it up for every single moment

With Krom Kayle you can enjoy an immense range of sound levels, not only for gaming but also for any activity which involves listening to high quality audio. For this reason, it comes with powerful software with which you can configure your virtual sound 7.1., the playback of the speakers, microphone functions and also save up to four custom configurations

  • 50 mm speaker high quality sound
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, XBOX One* and mobile devices (*Microsoft stereo headset adapter required)
  • 7-color illumination + RGB flow
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable headband.
  • Compatible with PC, PS3 and PS4 (Stereo).
  • Drivers : 50mm
  • Frequency Response : 20 Hz - 20.000 Hz
  • Impedance : 32 Ohm +/- 15%
  • Sensitivity : 108dB +/- 3dB
  • Frequency response : 50 Hz - 10.000 Hz
  • Sensitivity : -48 +/- 3dB
  • Pick-up pattern : Omnidirectional
  • PC and PS4 (stereo)
  • USB
Cable length
  • 210 cm
  • 385 g
  • Dimensions : 190 x 230 x 110 mm
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