gaming keyboard Nacon CL-210 Layout ES

Keyboard Nacon

gaming keyboard Nacon CL-210 Layout ES
gaming keyboard Nacon CL-210 Layout ES 14,95€

CL-210 Gaming Keyboard

Under its cover, the CL-210 from NACON has multiple features to give you the competitive advantage in the arena. With ergonomics designed for long gaming sessions, such as a palm rest and adjustable feet, it is particularly well suited to MOBAs.

For unparalleled comfort and stability, the ergonomic features include removable feet for setting the optimal angle and a large palm rest for the wrists. With RGB backlighting for every key and bars on the side, it is ideal for playing in the dark.

The 6 macro keys located on the left side are particularly useful for MOBAs, providing gamers with extra controls to improve reaction times.

The CL-210 also includes a full multimedia control panel for quick access to volume control, scrolling through playlists and even chat functions. A dedicated key next to the space bar can be used to select the keyboard's multiple backlighting effects.

  • Membrane
  • Spanish
  • Windows
  • Cable USB integrado
Cable length
  • 1.8 m
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