Huntsman Gears of War 5 Edition

US Layout / Optomechanical / Razer Chroma™ con 16,8 millones

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Gaming Keyboard Razer Huntsman Gears of War 5 Edition
Huntsman Gears of War 5 Edition 210,90€
Keyboards - US Layout  / Optomechanical / Razer Chroma™ con 16,8 millones - Razer - Huntsman Gears of War 5 Edition

Razer Huntsman Gears of War 5 Edition

In the most intense campaign to date, in the face of a war without quarter, Kait Diaz separates from the team to discover his connection to the enemy, while exploring the impregnable landscapes of Gears 5.
Kait's journey north to find answers about his connection to the enemy and his expedition through these impregnable icy landscapes in Gears 5 have inspired the creation of this icy textured design for the Razer Huntsman Gears of War 5 Edition gaming keyboard.
Help Kait take the first step in any showdown in Gears 5 with the super-fast actuation of our Razer ™ Optomechanical Switches and enjoy clean execution with faster, more satisfying keystrokes.


  • Razer Chroma ™ technology with 16.8 million colors. Choose from 16.8 million color options for a fully customized gaming experience, easy to configure with Razer Synapse.
  • Razer Optical Switches. Razer Optical Switches feature a lightweight optical sensor within the switch body. Pressing a key allows a receiver to be activated by the light signal, which triggers the switch command. You have never experienced equal speed. With a reset and trigger at the exact same point, you'll rack up more beats at incredible speed and maximize your APMs in fast-paced games.
  • Light and tactile. Get the tactile feedback you always love while enjoying super light, balanced beats. The best of both technologies.
  • Stabilizer bar. A key stabilizer bar on top of the switch ensures that the key movement remains level and consistent, regardless of what part of the key you press.
  • Finish off the swarm. The enemy is relentless but, with a durability of up to 100 million keystrokes, you will be more than equipped to defeat and eliminate the horde.
  • Keys. Up to 10 simultaneous pulsations with anti-interference protection. Make sure you never press the wrong key again at critical moments with its gameplay. Customize and combine macros to get the most out of game controls.
  • Razer Hypershift. Press a single button to unlock a set of secondary functions, in addition to the existing button controls.
  • Aluminum Top Plate - A high-quality aluminum top plate that adds firmness, plus a soft, smooth feel.
  • Razer Synapse 3. Unlock advanced command options for device lighting effects with Razer Chroma ™ technology.
  • Device interface : USB
  • Numeric keypad : Y
  • Keyboard keys operating life : 100 million characters
  • Windows keys : Y
  • Actuation force : 45 g
  • Rollover : 10-key rollover
  • Polling rate : 1000 Hz
  • Anti-ghosting : Y
  • Power source type : USB
System requirements
  • Windows operating systems supported : Y
Weight & dimensions
  • Keyboard dimensions (WxDxH) : 444.5 x 140 x 36.5 mm
  • Keyboard weight : 860 g
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