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Gaming Krom KicK RGB 6200 DPI Mouse
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Mice - 6200 DPI Mouse - Krom - KicK RGB


The Krom Kick is synonymous with speed and precision. With a complete control software package included, Kick is a mouse designed by and for gamers that incorporates RGB backlighting. Built with top-quality materials, its PixArt sensor with up to 12,000 DPI will help you take control of the game.

Mice - 6200 DPI Mouse - Krom - KicK RGB

Designed for high precision

The Krom Kick is an ergonomically designed mouse for right-handed gamers. Made using quality materials, this light but perfectly balanced gaming mouse ensures precise control over movements: you'll be more agile than ever and see the difference in power.

This gaming mouse adapts easily to the palm of your hand thanks to a premium surface which offers a pleasant feel and a good grip. You'll enjoy a consistently smooth glide as well as great freedom of movement thanks to a braided cable that's the ideal length

Mice - 6200 DPI Mouse - Krom - KicK RGB

12000 DPI PixArt Sensor

Krom Kick mouse features a PixArt 3327 optical sensor which delivers stable pointing and a flawless performance on any battlefield, as well as the ability to change DPI on-the-fly.

This gaming mouse is perfect for shooter type games where maximum reliability is needed, as you can choose from 6 different DPI levels.

Mice - 6200 DPI Mouse - Krom - KicK RGB

16.8 million colors

The Krom Kick boasts impressive dynamic RGB LED lighting that will accompany you through both day and night sessions. With multiple lighting modes, this mouse for gamers will be your biggest ally and give you that highly-desired gaming aesthetic through its vivid and defined colors available in multiple combinations.

  • Óptico
DPI Resolution
  • 6200 DPI (12000 mediante software)
  • Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
  • USB
Cable length
  • 1.5 m
  • 137 x 70 x 44 mm
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