optical sensor / 7 Buttons / 6400 DPI

Mouse Krom

Gaming vertical Mouse optical Krom KAOx RGB
KAOX RGB 21,90€
Krom, ¡alfombrilla de regalo!
Mice - optical sensor / 7 Buttons / 6400 DPI - Krom - KAOX RGB


Krom Kaox is a revolutionary vertical mouse with a tried and tested ergonomic design, created for those who spend long hours in front of the computer either playing or working, and ensuring a natural posture that reduces muscle tension and pressure on the wrist

Mice - optical sensor / 7 Buttons / 6400 DPI - Krom - KAOX RGB

Advanced ergonomics

The natural position of the palms of the hands in relation to the forearm is facing each other. Thanks to its ergonomic design, with Krom Kaox the posture of the arm and wrist is not forced, relieving tension in the muscles and joints.

Soft to the ouch and built with quality materials, it ensures an easy grip. The hand gets used to the new shape by resting the thumb comfortably, also leaving the little finger perfectly positioned. Working long hours in front of the computer won't be such an inconvenience, as this mouse can prevent possible injuries, or help with recovery in such cases

Mice - optical sensor / 7 Buttons / 6400 DPI - Krom - KAOX RGB

Excellent performance

The sensation of comfort when holding the Krom Kaox is immediate. Comfortable, but also precise and agile, it has a six-level optical sensor that reaches up to 6400 DPI (800 - 1600 - 2400 - 3200 - 4800 - 6400).

Comfortable, stable and fluid movements for optimal play. With Krom Kaox you will enjoy a smooth glide on any type of mat

7 buttons

This sophisticated vertical mouse has a total of 7 buttons, each one located in the most comfortable place possible. It includes, along with the traditional buttons (left click, right click and scroll wheel), the navigate forward and backward buttons, to be used with the thumb, the DPI control button and the LED on/off button

Mice - optical sensor / 7 Buttons / 6400 DPI - Krom - KAOX RGB

RGB lighting

Kaox's innovative and sophisticated design features RGB lighting. Let yourself be carried away by the RGB lighting that will accompany you, lighting up your victory in night-time games. Ergonomics, and a careful design with up to 6 LED effects that will illuminate you in your long gaming sessions, will ensure comfort and greater efficiency.

  • Accurate optical sensor
  • 7 buttons
  • 6 DPI shift (800-1600-2400-3200-4800-6400)
  • RGB ligthing with 6 LED effects
  • 7
  • Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
  • USB
  • 127 x 81 x 79 mm
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