Qck Mini

Fabric Size S

Mousepad SteelSeries

REF. 63005
Mousepads - Fabric Size S - SteelSeries - Qck Mini
Qck Mini 14,90€

Qck Mini Steelseries mousepad

Steelseries Qck mini is the smallest model of the Qck range, the favourite pro gramers mousepads which integrates high-end features like an anti-slip rubber base and a smooth and comfortable soft cloth surface.

The Steelseries Qck mini compact size (250x210x2mm) makes this mousepad the perfect choice to use it in small gaming surfaces or to carry it in your backpack to be ready for your next LAN party.

Mousepads - Fabric Size S - SteelSeries - Qck Mini

Maxmimum quality

High quality cloth surface to guarantee an extra of softness and accuracy.

Anti-slip rubber base

The Qck Mini Steelseries mousepad is specially designed to avoid undesired movements during the game and its padded surface will provide a great comfort.

Get the best performance with laser and optical sensors

This gaming mousepad provides a great response and accuracy playing both with optical and laser sensors mice.

Tested by pro gamers

Steelseries Qck mousepad serie has been tested by pro gamers in the last decade in order to deveop the best gaming mouse ally for your battles.

  • Its compact design is perfect for small gaming surfaces
  • 250 x 210 x 2 mm
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