Nuke pro

Esports grade 7.1 Virtual Headset

Headset Ozone

Gaming Ozone Headset Nuke pro
Nuke pro 64,90€
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Headsets - Esports grade 7.1 Virtual Headset - Ozone - Nuke pro

Nuke Pro

Nuke Pro offers you the ultimate gaming experience without sacrificing compatibility with the majority of your devices. Its 7.1 sound will take you to the number one spot or allow you to feel your favourite music like never before. If you close your eyes, its immersive sound will transport you to the map you are going to dominate or that concert that you just won't stop talking about.

Headsets - Esports grade 7.1 Virtual Headset - Ozone - Nuke pro


Manufactured in premium materials guaranteed to be light and resistant enough to accompany you through long gaming sessions without even noticing you have them on. Carbon fiber finishes give it a unique appearance with a pattern that will hypnotize you.

A headset with 50mm drivers has never been as comfortable as this, thanks to the breathable materials used in its manufacture, so you don't even break a sweat on the way to getting yourself a penta kill.  

The headband can be adjusted for a perfect fit, given that besides being adjustable, its flexibility means it's incredibly adaptable. 

Headsets - Esports grade 7.1 Virtual Headset - Ozone - Nuke pro

flexible and foldable microphone

Your allies won't miss a single one of your orders. The microphone will give you the sharpness and clarity necessary so that not a single word is lost, while being flexible and foldable so you can adjust it to your needs in any situation.

When you only want to listen to music you won't have to worry about the microphone. Being detachable you can show your headphones off on the street without the fear that your enemies might suspect this is your secret weapon. 

Headsets - Esports grade 7.1 Virtual Headset - Ozone - Nuke pro

maximun compatibility

The Nuke Pro will accompany you wherever you go. No platform is able to resist thanks to its 3.5mm jack connection. From your mobile to console, you will master any situation with this headset at your side.

Headsets - Esports grade 7.1 Virtual Headset - Ozone - Nuke pro

Boombox 7.1 sound card

It doesn’t matter how far away your enemies end up or where they get out. Thanks to its Boombox 7.1 sound card you'll be the leader of the squad and there'll not be a single operation in which you'll fail. With its surround sound each attack will be counted as a kill.

When you want mobility, remember that you can use them without loading the soundcard. Disconnect the Nuke Pro and continue enjoying its stereo sound. 

Headsets - Esports grade 7.1 Virtual Headset - Ozone - Nuke pro

Options in any of conflict

When connecting the headphones to your 7.1 sound card you can control both the volume of the microphone and headphones, or even switch off the surround sound from the same card.

If you are using the Nuke Pro separately, you can do this from the cable controller. In this way you'll always be able to change the settings without taking a hand off the keyboard.

  • Frequency Response : 18Hz-20KHz
  • Impedance : 32 Ω
  • Frequency response : 100 ~ 10,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity : -54 ± 3 dB
  • PC · PS4 · PS5 · XBOX ONE* · XBOX ONE X/S · XBOX SERIES X/S · Nintendo Switch · Smartphones · Tablets
  • Jack 3.5 mm + Adaptador PC
Cable length
  • 1.5 m
  • 297 gr
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