Gaming Ozone Neon X50 ARGB 6200 DPI MOuse

6200 DPI

Mouse Ozone

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Gaming Ozone Neon X50 ARGB 6200 DPI MOuse
Gaming Ozone Neon X50 ARGB 6200 DPI MOuse 23,23€
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Mice - 6200 DPI - Ozone - Gaming Ozone Neon X50 ARGB 6200 DPI MOuse

Advanced Optical Mouse

The Neon X50 by Ozone is a mouse with a Pixart PMW3327 optical sensor that incorporates the latest technology, combining an ergonomic design with the most sought-after features. This ambidextrous mouse has been built for battle, to meet all your objectives and level up again and again.


The X50 Neon is an extremely light and compact mouse, equipped with the Pixart PMW3327 Sensor, an optical sensor that reaches 6200 real DPI with a terminal velocity of 220 IPS, making it the perfect ally in any battlefield, and also recommended for those gamers that prefer low sensitivity configurations. The X50 Neon has been designed for maximum precision, which makes it the perfect mouse for professional players.

With the Ozone Neon X50 you'll control the game, and be able to customize the different levels of DPI on-the-fly, choosing between 5 different DPI levels according to your preferences, so that nothing gets in the way of victor

Mice - 6200 DPI - Ozone - Gaming Ozone Neon X50 ARGB 6200 DPI MOuse
Mice - 6200 DPI - Ozone - Gaming Ozone Neon X50 ARGB 6200 DPI MOuse


The buttons of the Neon X50 respond quickly and effectively to commands, executing every single movement, and adapting to all types of players, whether left or right-handed, and games. 

Its ambidextrous design facilitates grip, meaning you won't notice long hours spent playing. The Neon X50 is the perfect optical mouse for FPS games thanks to its ergonomic design that provides maximum security and stability in movement, allowing you to gain control of your environment with astonishing speed.

The Neon X50 is a gaming mouse designed in premium materials that ensure that the buttons and switches last for millions of presses, offering a long shelf life. In addition, it comes equipped with a braided cable that guarantees high resistance to wear and tear.

Mice - 6200 DPI - Ozone - Gaming Ozone Neon X50 ARGB 6200 DPI MOuse


The Neon X50 mouse provides an immersive experience. It features customizable ARGB lighting, with nine lighting effects, which will allow you to choose the colors that best suit your style of play - select the speed and intensity of the tones at any moment, blinding your rivals and leaving them in the dark.

Neon X50 has a customizable ARGB lighting like you've never seen before. You will be able to set effects that you thought impossible, even on your mouse.


Thanks to powerful software, you can customize its configuration in an intuitive way, getting the most out of its adjustable features by assigning different functions to its 8 buttons, making it the perfect tool for a competitive environment.

  • Ultra precise Optical sensor
  • On-the-fly DPI Toggle
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Spectra RBG LED Up To 16.8 Million Colors
  • Óptico Pixart PMW3327
DPI Resolution
  • 6200 DPI
  • 8
  • Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
  • USB
  • 122 x 63 x 41 mm
  • 78 g
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