Hybrid Size XL

Mousepad Mad Catz

REF. MCB4381400A3/12/4-SL
Mousepad GLIDE 6 Mad Cazt-SL
GLIDE 6-SL 18,90€

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Your Gaming Mouse's Natural Habitat

Pro gamers talked. We listened. No matter the mouse, game, or your style of play, the plush G.L.I.D.E.TE gives you plenty of space to compete at your very best.

Mousepads - Hybrid Size XL - Mad Catz - GLIDE 6-SL

Bigger is Better

Pro gamers know their equipment. Their livelihood depends on it. During our extensive interviews with them, a mouse pad’s overall size was a common topic. We made GLIDE 6 150% larger than the average mouse pad. Plenty of surface area frees you to mouse how you like – keep your DPI low or high and your movement large or minimal.

Tamaño: 395 mm x 315 mm x 2mm

Mousepads - Hybrid Size XL - Mad Catz - GLIDE 6-SL

Silky Smooth

The slightest hiccup in a sweep across a mouse pad can cause problems. And we like to solve problems, not cause them. An ultra-smooth surface gives you effortless control over your mouse. Glide, swipe, and click your way to victory on one of the smoothest surfaces available for competitive gaming.

Relaxed Travel Partner

G.L.I.D.E.TE rolls up for easy transport, and the silicone won't remember much of the journey. After unrolling, it will quickly return to the flat surface you need to take the fight to your opponents.

Goodbye, Frayed Edges. Hello, Comfort

Since your wrist spends so much time on your mouse pad, sharp edges are an absolute no-no. Our solution? Heat-bonded edges with a comfy rollover effect. Smooth edges that don’t fray, coupled with high-grip silicone’s ample cushioning, give your wrist a soft surface to rest upon. That’s one less potential distraction in the heat of battle.

Mousepads - Hybrid Size XL - Mad Catz - GLIDE 6-SL

Easy Cleanup

Most gaming surfaces get dirty very quickly, especially during the rigors of a gaming tournament. Cleaning can be difficult and messy, and foam surfaces just love to absorb liquid. What can you do but wait for yours to dry? GLIDE 6 solves this by resisting liquids. Quickly and easily wash the surface to banish dirt from your gaming session. And, a speedy dry puts you right back in the game. It's also comforting to know that spilling a soda or energy drink won't be the end of your favorite gaming surface.

  • 3D-textured pattern for maximized control
  • Easy cleanup
  • Water resistant surface
  • Low friction
  • Hybrid: Fabric and silicone
  • Black
  • 395 x 315 x 2 mm
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