Spatium M480 2TB M2 HS

With heatsink / PCie 4.0 NVMe


REF. S78-440L430-P83
MSI Spatium M480 HS 2TB M2 hard drive
Spatium M480 2TB M2 HS 239,90€
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Spatium M480 HS 1TB

From the MSI universe comes storage with blazing speeds and incredible performance. Take your system to the next level with SPATIUM.

Optimized for the PCIe Gen4 interface, the SPATIUM M480 SSD achieves read / write speeds of up to 7000/5500 MB / s, enabling fast data transfer and shorter game load times.

SSD - With heatsink / PCie 4.0 NVMe - MSI - Spatium M480 2TB M2 HS


  • Aluminum heat sink. SPATIUM M480 sports a gorgeous bronze colored aluminum heatsink with a stacked fin structure that dissipates heat efficiently and allows the SSD to maintain peak performance under heavy loads.
  • Small size, more storage. The latest 3D NAND flash technology provides dense storage in a compact design and enables 1 TB SPATIUM storage capacities.
  • Don't stop playing. Built-in data security and error correction capabilities extend the resilience and longevity of NAND flash storage.
  • Name : SPATIUM M480 HSPCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2
  • Capacity : 1 TB
  • Flash Memory : 3D NAND
  • Form Factor : M.2 228
  • Interface : PCIe Gen4 x4, NVMe 1.4
  • Compatibility : PCIe Gen4 / Gen3 / Gen2 / Gen1
  • Sequential Read up to (MB/s) : 7000
  • Sequential Write up to (MB/s) : 5500
  • Idle Power PS3 (mW) : 14
  • Low Power L1.2 (mW) : 3
  • Operating Temperatures : 0°C – 70°C
  • Storage Temperatures : -40°C – 85°C
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